D’Arrigo Bros. Co., of California

D’Arrigo took 50 acres of their farmland and converted it into a new corporate campus including a corporate office building, cooler building, trucker’s lounge, packing building, dry storage building and receiving office. These facilities allowed them to have all facets of their business functioning from one location. The corporate headquarters was designed by architect Lino Belli and resembles the style of a California mission. The interior is exquisite with no 90 degree corners and the interior finishes are spectacular. Extreme attention was paid to every architectural detail for function and aesthetic and the same was true of every furniture selection. The function of every workspace was programmed to the highest degree and then the design team made sure that the finishes coordinated with the finishes of the interior architecture–countless hours went into this process to make sure it was perfect. The facility looks as fine today as it did the day it opened. Palace Vice President, Neal Heckman, believes this to be the finest project in which he has participated in his 40 year career.